Turbulence Detection

Turbulence well ahead of an aircraft can be measured by Ophir’s small, highly efficient and rugged Laser Radar Air Data System (LRADS). Ophir Corporation has demonstrated the capability to measure turbulence and wind hazards ahead of an aircraft on a Falcon HU-25C aircraft. Ophir’s forward-looking, Multi-function, Long-Range, LRADS measured turbulence ahead of the aircraft, as well as optical air data parameters close to the aircraft.

The in-flight detection, identification, mitigation and avoidance of turbulent gusts are important to increasing safety and efficiency of aircraft transportation. Avoidance or mitigation of flying through turbulent air pockets increases ride comfort and decreases fuel consumption. A real-time turbulence detection system can detect clear air turbulence when there are no visible warning signs. Ophir’s use of incoherent lidar enables a small avionics package that provides real-time data.