Incoherent Lidar

For active sensing solutions Ophir Corporation primarily uses incoherent laser radar (lidar). Unlike coherent laser radar, Ophir’s incoherent lidar does not require laser wavefront coherence from the sensor, through the turbulent atmosphere, and back to the sensor.

Incoherent lidar can successfully “look through” temperature and humidity gradients and turbulent environments where coherent systems may fail. This is especially useful in airborne applications in measuring through the turbulent boundary layer of an aircraft or in ground-based applications like measuring the wind field in front of a wind turbine.

Incoherent lidar generally provides a superior avionics solution – compared to coherent laser radar– when size, weight, power consumption and cost of a sensor are important.

Benefits of Ophir’s Incoherent Lidar

Benefits of Ophir’s incoherent lidar:

  • Low cost hardware (laser sources, optical mounts, etc.)
  • Efficient operation in difficult environments (vibration, thermal)
  • Low SWAP (size, weight and power requirements)
  • Rugged packaging and qualification to military standards attainable
  • Performs in totally clear air conditions (NO aerosols!)
  • Performs in turbulence and in high thermal and humidity gradients
  • Provides temperature and pressure measurements
  • Offers greater flexibility for mounting Line Replaceable Units on-aircraft
  • No on-aircraft alignment required