Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Optical sensors for airborne and ground-based applications are the focus of Ophir Corporation’s development, manufacture and production efforts. If light is shined into the atmosphere it scatters off of particles and aerosols in the atmosphere; much like shining a flash light into a dusty, dark night. Your eye can see the light shine off of the dust. Ophir's optical sensors 'see' the atmosphere and understand its characteristics, much like you may “feel” the air outside.

  • Velocity – how fast is the air moving?
  • Temperature- how warm is it out?
  • Pressure– am I high in the sky where the pressure is low or on the ground where the pressure is higher?
  • Aerosol concentration and particle size – is it a smoggy day filled with pollution?
  • Aerosol distribution in the atmosphere – is the air cleaner in one place rather than another?
  • Water content – is it humid or dry out?
  • Visibility monitoring – is it a hazy day?
  • Trace gas concentration – is the air a funny color and smells funny?

Sensing Capability

    Ophir uses its optical sensing capability to address challenges in the real world such as:

  • Increasing the safety of aircraft in all weather conditions
  • Helping wind turbines generate more energy
  • This optical sensing expertise includes Ophir’s specialization in:

  • Active sensing—Incoherent lidar
  • Light scattering from aerosols and molecules—Rayleigh/Mie lidar