Ophir is a subcontractor to major U.S. aerospace corporations with production units currently flying. Avionics packages flying on military aircraft have been taken from conception to flight qualification and on to logistics support activities.

We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements and increase customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our products and services. Our certifications include AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 and military flight qualifications.

Ophir Corporation proudly sponsors the Association of the United States Army, the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Wounded Warriors Project.

Welcome to Ophir

Ophir uses our extensive lidar expertise to meet our customers’ challenging, remote-sensing needs and to deliver value-added solutions. Our customers need lidar solutions when the sensor environment is demanding and the sensor size has to be small! We specialize in optical, remote sensing for characterizing the atmosphere. Our sensors provide both airborne and ground-based solutions for our military and commercial customers.

  • Optical air data
  • Ice detection
  • Contrail detection
  • Turbulence detection
  • Wind profiling

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Ophir's wind lidar measures the entire wind field in front of a wind turbine and effectively predicts oncoming winds.

Ophir's Optical Air Data System measures critical air data parameters even in clear air conditions.